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I've heard writers described as solitary drudges who live to roll in words. I can't argue. I have been writing since grade school. I'm fascinated by science fiction, speculative fiction and flash fiction--stories of less than 1,000 words. My novel September was published in 2006, and several of my stories have been published by websites around the world. Take a look at this part of of me by exploring this page.

Fiction: Articles


Some 18 months after a bio-terror attack wipes away most of the world's population, Rand Gardner begins traveling among the scattered survivors in the Delaware River Valley to tell their stories in a newsletter he writes and copies on an ancient manual typewriter. Along the way he befriends families who've taken up residence in outlet malls, tries not to fall in love with a reclusive woman of huge inner strength, and fights for his life against a wandering thief. September is available through your local book store, Amazon, or by reaching out to me. [A special shout out to Classics Books at 4 West Lafayette Street in Trenton, N.J. A true community book store and a wonderful place to get lost on a weekend afternoon.]


I lost count years ago of how many times I've watched one version or another of Blade Runner, and I don't think I'll ever make my peace with 2049. To me, this is the sequel that should have been. But of course, you're the reader, so it's your thought that counts. [AO3]


Sometimes I dream in music. It winds toward me like a carpet gone mad, and if I stay in place it twists its scale around my neck, pulling tight until I cough up reds and yellows and greens, every color there is except for blue. Blue I get to keep for myself, blue that is touched in places with gray like mist, sky-light on one side, ink on the other, scattered patches of an evening’s moonlight in places breaking through... [Siren Ezine]


 They used to spend Friday nights in Jilli’s basement and he’d sneak looks at her and Lisa and Colleen and Gabrielle and wonder how Warren and Peter and Whisk could act so normal, as if hanging in the basement with girls so close was the most natural thing in the world... [Story Shack]


She pressed her hands against his chest and for a moment he thought she was trying to calm him. He felt the warmth of her palms on his heart, then a tingle, and then it was as if she'd reached inside him and pulled... [Wattpad]

More to come...

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