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Mark Feffer’s award-winning reporting is centered on HR, workforce issues, technology and careers. In addition, he’s undertaken general business and financial stories for brand-name clients like Dow Jones and Bloomberg. In 2017, his story on hiring job seekers with criminal histories won the, Society of Professional Journalists/DC Chapter’s Dateline Award for Best Trade Feature Article.

To each assignment, Mark brings a wealth of gleaned from ongoing background conversations with both leaders and practitioners throughout the world of Human Resources, HCM technology and people analytics. He’s broken stories on new-product introductions and and explored new ways of thinking about analytics and business operations. His relationships with thought-leaders, executives, line managers and front-line workers always result in thoughtful coverage that tells the full story.


The HCM Technology Report covers HR technology’s impact across the entire organization.

Today, everything about the business world is in motion: the global economy, technology, the expectations of both workers and customers, the creation and consumption of information, and how organizations view their employees. As a result, within the next several years fundamental questions about the workforce’s value will be answered and HR will settle into a position–either strategic or operational–that it will hold for generations.

Meanwhile, HR and the technology vendors that serve it face structural challenges that are distressingly familiar: Executives describe their workforce as “a strategic asset” but fail to back their words with real money and resources for training, compensation and engagement. HR leaders labor to educate their colleagues about how they can match talent to strategy and solve business problems, but must battle for the line manager’s attention when it comes to conducting a job search, describing a role’s requirements and allotting time and budget for the learning that will add value to each worker’s contribution.

The HCM Technology Report’s goal is to serve business leaders both inside and outside of HR, as well as the technology companies and consultants who serve them. It aims to keep readers ahead of trends by exploring technical developments, user behaviors and organizational changes that impact the technology strategies, product development and financial performance of both customers and vendors.


Business isn’t simple, and some topics need room. At Tramp Steamer Media, we create feature packages by digging deep to fashion the kind of stories that people search for but rarely find — thought-provoking and tailored articles that represent the detailed understanding of a true thought leader.

Mark does the original reporting necessary to unearth the story that lies behind the news. He works with your in-house experts and undertakes supplemental research, all to produce content that will have your audience talking and the media asking for more.

What kind of features? Q&As with your company’s experts. Multimedia packages. Interviews. Trend and think pieces. In-depth analysis of industry developments. Bylined articles.


More than 90 percent of U.S. consumers use email daily, so it’s not surprising that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter. But a good newsletter strategy is nothing without engaging content. You have to provide words worth clicking.

Every newsletter Mark edits is tailored to your audience with attention-grabbing content. He crafts email newsletters with subject lines that get noticed – and clicked – each time.

He puts his journalism skills to work, keeping tabs on the latest news and trends that interest your readers. His copy is always of the moment, anticipating the questions your subscribers have and providing them with your perspective on pressing issues. His content is always fresh, credible and interesting, so your readers click through to your web site and look forward to hearing from you – time after time after time.


As a writer, storyteller and video producer, Mark has created everything from white papers to instructional presentations to guides on topics as varied as recruiting, technology, analytics and finance.

He uses his experience as a journalist to identify the message you need to share, then crafts articles, interviews, white papers or video programs that engage the audience you want to reach. In a world filled with flip gimmicks that place style over substance, Mark excels at creating pieces that are informative, entertaining and memorable.

He produces:

White Papers


Feature Interviews

Bylined Articles

Field Video Presentations

Studio Videos

Web Site Copy

Case Studies

Press Releases



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